Health Spending

One of the most underused benefits that are available for incorprated business owners and their families

  1.  Do I operate an incorporated business?
  2.  Do I have medical expenses?
  3.  Do I pay income tax?
Ask Yourself 
If the answer is yes to these three questions, a Health Spending Account will save you money
In its simplest form, a Health spending account allows you to pay medical, dental and vision care expenses for you and your family
with pre-tax dollars. 

What is a Health Spending Account

There is a wide range of eligible expenses for a Health Spending Account.
Here are some highlight of those expenses:
  • All prescription drugs
  • All dental - includes orthodontics
  • All optical - includes laser eye surgery
  • Paramedical - includes chiropractor, massage, physio, orthotics
  • Premiums - health and dental premiums paid through spousal plan
  • Other Expenses - MRI, tuition for special needs
  • Co-payments and deductibles

Eligible Expenses